Harmonyville –

A gamified metaverse on the Harmony Protocol


Harmonyville is a gamified metaverse where other projects can build and integrate into our open world, share resources, and help develop our growing city with HVILLE.


HVILLE is the native token for Harmonyville, and as a player in our metaverse you will need it to interact with our decentralized exchanges, games, NFTs, and launchpads.


Harmonyville was created as a place to host our upcoming missions and games for our first gamified NFT, WenLamboNFT. Soon, you’ll see Harmonyville Downs just north of the cities bank. This racetrack is where you will take your WenLamboNFT to participate in games. In addition to the games, there are missions, and these missions will take place all over town.

By the Numbers


HVILLE was minted with a 300,000,000 token MAX supply. Below explains where tokens are distributed within our ecosystem.

3,000,000 Pre-minted for LP

Three million pre-minted for LP to give HVILLE an additional utility from the beginning. We have partnered up with decentralized exchanges on Harmony Protocol to supply incentivized pools. Put your HVILLE to work right away and start earning other HRC20 tokens, including HVILLE.

15,000,000 Mission Fund

Community Rewards are released at .50% per day and locked in the bank vault. Missions will take place in and around Harmonyville. Each task will require a different set of attributes, Performance boost, XP, Tokens, other in-game items, and in some instances, other NFT’s from other projects to complete missions. The mission rewards, large or small, will come from the mission fund.

40,000,000 Treasury Fund

Unlocked at .10% per day

Treasury funds are used for the operational costs of Harmonyville. Operating costs can include additional LP, expansion, marketing, development, and future Harmonyville expenses. The Treasury is an essential part of the Harmonyville ecosystem. It will fund growth; innovation and it keeps the lights on.

242,000,000 - Staking Fund

Available to EARN from staking.

The remaining supply is minted by staking your LAMBO. As you claim HVILLE, they will follow a partial locking schedule for the first 12 months of staking.

Using your HVILLE



EARN with Lambo Earn

Get up to 30 HVILLE per day with a maxed-out pit crew and earn distribution rewards right into your savings account every day.

EARN by Completing Missions

When completing missions in Harmonyville, you will get rewarded in HVILLE tokens.

EARN by Selling NFTs for HVILLE

Sell your Lambos and more in the Harmonyville Market.

EARN by Renting out your Lambo

Lambos will be high in demand... earn HVILLE when renting out your Lambo to racers.

EARN by winning races and matches

Racers placing in the top spots will earn HVILLE on the Harmonyville Circuit Racetrack along with other HRC-20 tokens.


SPEND on a Pit Crew

Upgrading your pit crew unlocks missions and earns you more HVILLE per day.
Get up to 30 HVILLE per day with a maxed-out pit crew and earn distribution rewards right into your savings account every day.

SPEND on Toolboxes

Purchase toolboxes with 3 levels of rarity to boost your Lambo for advantages on the racetrack.

SPEND to Unlock Missions

Enter missions that require HVILLE to unlock multiple levels.

SPEND on NFTs in our Marketplace

Purchase Lambos, music and more in the Harmonyville Market.

SPEND on Lambo Rentals

Rent a Lambo that will allow you to complete missions, or a powerfully modded one to win races.

SPEND on Race Entries

Use HVILLE to participate in Harmonyville Circuit races that pay out in HVILLE and other HRC-20 tokens.